AYSWAP made it!
Our little start-up was chosen as Enterprise Nation top 10 Student Start-up of the year 2018. Ayswap was chosen as 10 semi-finalists among all the great ideas and entries from other talented student entrepreneurs around the whole UK from around 200 colleges and universities. 
We pitched our business idea to a panel of expert judges in London at The Office Group London for the chance to win prizes including cash funding. Big thanks go to Enterprise Nation and Enterprise Trust for allowing us to share our vision with them and the opportunity to be part of this competition. 
Currently, we are in the process of development, so please subscribe here if you want to be the first one to know when we officially launch AyswapI am also feeling very grateful for such an opportunity and as part of this competition, I was also offered access to the events and mentorship at Enterprise Nation, so a lot of exiting business events is on its way!



In addition, a few days ago we recorded a video pitch for Ayswap, so take a look at some photos below from behind the scenes. We are currently working hard to execute this venture successfully, so this is all I can share with you at this stage, however, make sure you follow Ayswap on Twitter  and Instagram with daily updates:)


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