Last Thursday 13 finalist from all UK universities who are part of a network of University Alliance universities pitched their ideas at Salford Media City at Enterprise Stars 2018 competition. We are proud to say that Ayswap was one among them. Our founder Janja Popovic was chosen as top 13 student entrepreneurs across the UK universities. As a recent graduate of Kingston Business School she represented Kingston University at this year Enterprise Stars 2018 – Investing in ideas that impress.
She had five minutes to convince the judges for the final price- an investment of £5000. This year’s judges were Tim Foster from Oxford Brookes University, Peter Down from Cariocca Enterprises, Tom Howsam from Paid, Andrew Dean from We are Nova and Mark Robinson from Barclays. The event started with an interesting discussion about entrepreneurship and how can entrepreneurial students stand out from the crowd with their ideas. You can read a full blog post from the discussion here.
We are proud to gain another title as the finalist of Enterprise Stars 2018, although we did not win. Ayswap received great feedback from the audience and other entrepreneurs and we are excited to keep continuing developing Ayswap into its best version.

The full blog post was published here